Seed Beaded Face Mask Chains


Whats a mask chain? who needs one?  EVERYONE - Trying to get out of the house remembering everything you need AND what everyone n your family needs- You get to the car , Keys, phone and what? you left your mask.  This simple mask chain is as useful as the unlock button on your key chain or the face id on your phone . Its just one less thing you need to remember or try to carry.  You put it on like a necklace and wear your mask as you normally would, and when you need to remove your mask, it hangs suspended (as sunglasses would on a sunglasses strap) so you don’t have to worry about holding it in your hand or resting it on a potentially unclean surface. Genius, no? We have chose the lightest weight ( because in this hot weather less is more. )   The easiest way to carry/remember your mask. Try it!!  get one for your BFF , because once the see yours they are going to ask for it!

Lobster claw hooks ( on each end) connect to mask straps -