14k Gold Plated Sterling Silver Circle Drop Earrings


14k plaited over 925 sterling silver.

About the Designer : 

Milanesi And Co is a New York based company that is worldwide, in jewelry stores. We believe in creating jewelry that is affordable and fun with amazing quality. Our goal is to have our customers see our great pricing and beautiful styles and say “I will take them all.” We want to give everyone all the options with jewelry. This way we no longer have to stick to the same old classic jewels. We can be creative, expressive and colorful. With our background in jewelry having a family history with over 30 years in the jewelry industry, including: Diamonds, Gemstones, Gold, And Sterling Silver, We were able to do just that. Jewelry is our passion and has been for many years. Milanesi and co can be found in retailers all over the world. We know you will enjoy our jewelry just as much as we do creating it every day!