Sailormade - Rayminder UV Awareness Bracelet in 4mm + 6mm Angelite


You’re on the boat all summer long and, admittedly, you occasionally forget that SPF. Sailormade is here to help. Our Rayminder Collection pairs semi precious gemstones with UV sensitive beads. As the rays of the sun get stronger, the UV beads change from clear to color, ray-minding you that it’s time to apply sunscreen, take shade, or cover up. Feel even better about your sun safety accessory because $1 from every unit sold is donated to IMPACT Melanoma. Take a look at our photos to see how the uv bead changes from clear to a shade of pink, purple, or orange when exposed to uv light. Sailormade Rayminder Bracelets are stretch bracelets that offered in two different lengths. We recommend starting with our Regular (7") and adding Small (6.5") once you better understand your customer's needs. We are happy to offer custom sizing too should you need larger or smaller options. -Angelite semi-precious gemstone -4mm or 6mm beads -Brass wave charm -Packaging: Sailormade bag + tag

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