Seaside Designs - Custom Bar Soaps


NEW FOR 2021! You asked...we listened! We now offer all of our 14 bar soaps with CUSTOM packaging! How it works: -Pick your favorite bar style (we have 14 styles/scents to choose from!) -Choose what location, town, store name, beach, etc, that you would like featured on the label. -We create your custom product featuring our pretty patterns and fresh soap scents! (please check out our regular soap bar listings for full details about each soap bar) For example: If our ALOHA bar is your favorite bar and your store is called "Beach House", we will create our Aloha bars, fresh for you with a custom label featuring the Aloha pattern and style, but your store name BEACH HOUSE will replace the word ALOHA on the label. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Let's celebrate the places we live and love in 2021! *Proofs available - just ask! Otherwise, we will ship your product as requested. *There is a .10/bar charge added on this product for the custom design work

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