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For breezy days by the sea , or chilly winter evenings , reach for this charming cardigan - with its classic sailboat motif, it's the perfect layer to suit any season. This classic varsity  duffle cardigan is so cozy you’ll find it hard to take off   


100%  acrylic
Button front

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Most delicious sweater. My husband suddenly passed away in April and Ive wanted this sweater for awhile❤ he was going to buy it for me for Valentine's day but i was trying to save money and i have 300 beautiful sweaters i never really get to wear. When the package arrived yesterday and i opened it first of all it was packed beautifully and i love the big canvas tote. I wasnt prepared when i put the sweaters on to have a emotional and physical reaction to how it felt on my body and it was as if my late husband was giving me the biggest hug. I purchased the flag cardigan as well and i havent taken it off except to sleep in 24 hours now. Ive already ordered anothenski cardigan and the vintage horse because i need to feel as good as i can and your craftmanship is a chefs kiss. Thank you so much

Toodie Frankfort ❤